Inner Isles
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These Indian Ocean Islands stretch from 4 degrees south of the Equator to the tip of Madagascar. The soaring mountains of Seychelles, covered with lush jungle and rainforest, emerge from deep blue seas and a hundred glistening reefs.
Breathtakingly beautiful, the islands are a photographer's dream with the sharp contrasts between the azure seas, emerald tropical vegetation and soft grays of the granite pinnacles and white powder beaches. The endemic bird life is magnificent. Seychelles is comprised of 115 islands, about half of them composed of coral, the other half granite. Half of the landmass has been set aside as national parks.

Most of the population of 75,000 Seychellois, whose ancestors are a mix of freed African slaves, Arab, Indian and Chinese merchants plus British and French seafarers, live on Mahé.

The islands are above the cyclone belt so fierce weather is very rare. The southeast tradewinds blow from April to October, when the weather tends to be cooler and drier. The lighter northwest winds blow from December to March.

Seychelles is best appreciated with a top-and-bottom approach, experiencing the full and diverse beauty of the islands combined with the underwater natural diversions.


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